1000 Likes Giveaway! Ends Friday, May 30th

I remember celebrating my first “1oo likes” on my facebook page, and now I’ve surpassed 1000! It’s all about appreciating the small steps, and I am grateful for the support I have received. To  celebrate, I am giving away four prizes:

Giveaway link to raffle: http://tinyurl.com/ow8jb4w

Lingering echoes fanned out A signed copy of Lingering Echoes







spread of booksA signed copy of Borrowed Angel








Lingering Echoes boardAn eBook of Lingering Echoes










BorrowedAngel_sRGB original sizeBA mini cards

BorrowedAngel_sRGB original sizeBorrowedAngel_sRGB original sizeAn eBook of Borrowed Angel








Giveaway ends Friday, May 30th, so try your hand at winning one of these prizes! Thanks for celebrating with me!


Excerpt from Lingering Echoes (First four chapters)

Chapter 3 from Borrowed Angel: THAT MORNING

Chapter 9 from Borrowed Angel: BATTLING GUILT



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