Big News! “The Second Window” Arriving Soon

big-newsSome of you know I submitted my latest manuscript to my publisher a few months ago. After receiving feedback and suggestions for change, I tackled my book again. Unsure if I was taking the re-write in the best direction, I almost gave up SO many times, even a week before resubmitting.

However, I’m so pleased to announce that The Second Window will make its way into publication on December 5, 2017, with the expected sequel to follow closely behind. More details to come, including Clean Teen Publishing’s new imprint and logo!

So much thanks to my family and friends who helped me push through these final rounds of edits and straight to success. Love you guys!

With my new series coming out in December, now’s a good time to catch up with The Lingering Echoes novels (total of three). Book 1 is free! Grab your copy on AMAZON.

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