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BA Anniversary Giveaway 2016Borrowed Angel hits two years of publication this month! That’s still pretty young in the book world and I am working hard to help Borrowed Angel become a known resource for parents who have lost a child. When my son died from SIDS six years ago, there were so many books on the shelves about the grieving process. I had studied the grief process in college, and at the time I’d been working in counseling and therapeutic settings for the past few years. This experience gave me an understanding and outline of what I could expect. However, in those early months of losing my only child, I didn’t want textbook answers and professional opinions. I wanted comfort and hope that the sick feeling in my gut wouldn’t be the first thing to greet me when I opened my eyes, and that the horrifying images replaying in my mind would no longer be at the forefront of my mind. As unfeasible as it seemed, I needed to know that parents could live through such a loss. I needed to feel the possibility to believe it.

Immediately, friends of friends reached out to Dan and me. We received letters, phone calls, and visits offering such depth of understanding that can only come from parents who had been where we were, trudging through the murky waters of loss. They were a beacon of hope, guiding us through the unknown. Their personal stories and experience provided more comfort than a textbook answer about grief ever could. That said, let me clarify that having a background in the therapy field has helped tremendously in the long run, information for which I am also grateful. But the power in coupling textbook with true empathy cannot be replaced.

It is for this purpose that I hope Borrowed Angel reaches those in need. Please join me in celebrating Borrowed Angel’s two year publication by entering the online raffle below. For more information, including buy links and chapter excerpts, visit Borrowed Angel’s BOOK PAGE

*Due to shipping limitations, this giveaway is for US residents only. My apologies to our international friends!


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