Walnut Springs has held onto my manuscript for over a year and a half since I submitted. It was more than a year when they finally said yes to publishing. That was during the fall of 2013. During the waiting game, I kept worrying that maybe something would fall through–that maybe they would drop this book about my son. Yesterday, I received word that we are going to press next week! This means we need to hurry with reviewing and editing over the next couple days. Having writing responsibilities for this book made publishing feel real again; seeing the cover yesterday solidified the process for me! It’s really happening, and this cover is so beautiful.

My response to my editor regarding the cover:

“The cover is absolutely perfect. As I’ve been imagining the cover, in my mind I saw that same image of cupped hands! And those tiny shoes… holy cow, made me cry. Powerful, emotional image. It reminds me of the molds that were made of Ty’s hands and feet, as is done for many babies who are stillborn or who pass later in life. I think this image will touch many people. That shade of green is so soft and gentle, and the background design adds elegance to the whole cover.

I love it so much! So does my husband. We were both just stunned and … wow…”


I hope you can feel the tender emotions that are held within this book.


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