“Dreaming Angel”

dreaming angel willowYesterday, I was at Deseret Book store looking at shelves of Willow Tree carvings. All the carvings represent something, though they can be left to personal interpretation, as well. My eyes caught this little one and at first glance, I saw …a mother laying on her child’s headstone. Looking more closely, I saw that in reality, it was labeled as “Dreaming Angel.” It took a minute to step back from that tug on my heart and slight pressure in my chest — knowing I “saw” a mother on her child’s headstone because I, too vividly, remember lying on top of Ty’s grave in the same manner, weeping into my arms and crying to God because my son was no longer with me. While the pain resides to varying extents, I am so grateful to celebrate Christ and His Atonement on this Easter Sunday. I know He lives and because of His sacrifice, families can be together forever.

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