Four Years Later

March 10th.

It’s been four years since Ty passed away. For the first time, I have publicly shared the details of that awful morning, preparing readers for the release of Borrowed Angel. I’ve been nervous and anxious, wondering if the pain I vividly described would scare people away from reading Ty’s story. I have been so grateful today to receive the positive feedback from family and friends that, on the contrary, they are looking forward to reading the rest of the book. Thank you for easing my concerns and pushing me forward with encouragement!

Today has been a pretty regular day. My sister, Jen, is visiting Las Vegas, so our home is busy with five children ranging from 10 months to four years old. There has been the usual playing and fighting and laughter and tantrums, all while hustling them to eat their eggs and get ready for church. Sacrament meeting consisted of the usual exhaustion of taming the little ones while trying to catch what the speakers are sharing during their talks. In the afternoon, Dan and I fell asleep for much needed naps while my children also slept. Upon waking, our children did their best to test our patience while we cooked dinner, played some more and put them to bed! As I helped Aiya brush her teeth, I had a moment of time to reflect on the day (since her busy little mouth was quieted with toothpaste!). I found myself smiling and feeling grateful that my biggest concern today, four years later, has been managing my often unruly but beautiful and playful children. Life is busy with motherhood, church responsibilities, publishing books, facilitating at a grief center, and a number of other things… but life is truly good, full of busy things that are such blessings in my life. Four years ago, I would never have foreseen such happiness coming my way, yet here I am.

Thank you for joining me at this time when we are merely weeks away from releasing Borrowed Angel.

Much love to you all!

If you missed it, chapter 3 of Borrowed Angel is available at this link: BorrowedAngel_Chapter3 pdf

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