“Lingering Echoes” is Born!

“Lingering Echoes” was released today! Tonight’s Release Party via Facebook was insane! I loved all my guests who popped in to play games, win prizes and who just took the time to “hang out” with me to celebrate. It means a lot to me! The party moved fast, and at one point, I wrote: “I know I shouldn’t be out of breath, but all this virtual running around is wearing me out!” It was so fun commenting to all my family and friends and typing as fast as I could so I wouldn’t miss out on the next game or the next comment! One of my brother’s sister-in-law, who I have enjoyed getting to know, made a hilarious comment about this online event being the perfect party for introverts and I have to agree: staying home in jammies, no awkward walks across the room looking for someone to talk to . . . the party was a success for all personalities!

I am both giddy with excitement and nervous for people to read my book. It’s been a long work in progress and I’ve poured my heart into it. I know I won’t win everyone over, but I’m confident that readers will fall in love with the characters as much as I have while writing about them.

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