When your identity shatters with every unveiled secret, you might have stepped into The Second Window.

Mirror reflection of young scared girl

Meet OLIVIA COLE, a senior at Westmont Academy whose private school, upscale life provides little to challenge her predictable life. Smart, sophisticated… and utterly bored with being seventeen, she sets her sights on adventure and breaking the mold.

Then, halfway into first semester, ANDRE STEELE returns from Brazil…

Handsome young man sitting on his bed with serious expression, staring in the void with a blank look

It’s been four years since Olivia has seen him. Four years since he mercilessly pranked and teased her during her awkward seventh grade year. Now he’s back, as popular and attractive as ever, and Olivia is on the run from his attention and apologies. Then the town recluse, whose strange behavior towards Olivia is both eerie and intriguing, turns herself into the police. Olivia eagerly dives into the investigation with her best friend, Jordyn, until one secret after another leads Olivia down a path that threatens the foundation of who she is. All at once, Olivia’s dull and predictable life is uprooted; and she wonders if “boring” wasn’t so bad after all.
The Second Window is currently undergoing edits but publication is set for December 5th, 2017, with the sequel soon to follow. Speaking of which, back to the grind for me if I’m going to finish this manuscript before my deadline–which happens to be when my final caboose is due right at Christmas!

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