Offer for Publication!

This is the letter I wrote to my family within minutes of reading an email from Clean Teen Publishing, who offered publication:
“I can barely contain myself but . . . I just received an offer for publication for my novel!  Ahhh! I am floored at this news. I have been trying to publish this book off and on since summer of 2010. Apparently, I was going through all the wrong avenues of trying to find a literary agent because I have hundreds of rejections saved up! I’m a part of this author’s group on FB and someone mentioned this newer publishing company called Clean Teen Publishing (not that they only publish “clean” material, but they rate the book based on a composed scale), and so, in a last ditch effort to get published (and I told Dan I was going to take a possibly permanent break on getting this one published, even though he disagreed), I sent my first 15 pages. They requested the full manuscript a week or so later, and then one week after that, I have an offer!”
It has only been a day and I am so impressed with how friendly CTP’s team is! They are a fun, entertaining group of ladies and I feel lucky to be working with them!

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