RUMORS, A Lingering Echoes Novella


Fans of Lingering Echoes have asked about a sequel. I haven’t decided yet . . . In the meantime, I am excited to announce the release of RUMORS, A Lingering Echoes novella. Rumors acts as a prequel to Lingering Echoes, in that it explores Allie Collins’ senior year, one year prior to the summer when Lingering Echoes takes place. It’s FREE on [button link=”″ newwindow=”yes”] Smashwords[/button]

Check out the blurb:

Allie Collins wants nothing more than to forget the past and move beyond the recent death of her beloved cousin.

If only it were that simple.

Upon returning for her senior year of high school, rumors quickly spread about the tragic summer accident that left the school’s star athlete grieving in the shadows. Now, the last thing Allie wants is the limelight. But the relentless pressure for normalcy from her friends and family leaves her with no choice but to surrender. Rejoining her basketball team and spending time with popular boys might seem like the perfect senior year, yet Allie struggles to embrace this identity that once came so naturally. With the help of a special teacher, she learns that some things cut so deep, the scar lasts forever. Sometimes you can’t go back to the way things were, but must find the way to become who you are meant to be.

Still, tragedy is no stranger to Allie.

As the gossip swirls, influencing Allie’s every decision, the events that unfold will draw readers into a well of emotion in Rumor’s, a Lingering Echoes Novella.

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