The First Review

The day before “Lingering Echoes” was scheduled to be released, I jumped on Amazon and typed in my book and my name for fun, not expecting to see my book pop up. My mouth dropped with excitement when I saw my cover, and then my stomach jumped with nerves when I saw that there was already a review! Fortunately, my eyes caught sight of the “four stars” and I knew it couldn’t be too bad. (Apparently, “Lingering Echoes” was on Amazon for a day or two before my release date, and this guy had found it and read it already!)

His review:  “So, let me just say that I’m one of the many adults that likes to read young adult fiction, i.e. Harry Potter, the Twilight Series, and the Hunger Games books. I’m always on the look out for new authors and I stumbled across this gem. This book is engaging from the first few pages and does an excellent job of keeping suspense high during the entire read! The story was very well-written and the characters seemed true to life, not the card-board cut-outs that sometimes slips past editors. Definitely recommend.”

Reading this review definitely gave me a boost of confidence as I stepped into my official release day!

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