The Key (True Reign series) Book Review

The  Key coverThe opening scene of The Key hooked me from the first page. I had only heard great things about this book and, in hopes of being drawn into this tale for myself, was not disappointed.

The author, Jennifer Anne Davis, drew me into a kingdom where the royal line is murdered and overtaken by corrupt rulers… yet where rumors of a surviving heiress causes rebellion and, most importantly, hope among the lower class.

I loved the setting of The Key (which is different than most genres out there right now) and how Davis described the layout of the Kingdom without boring the reader with excess detail — yet you get a clear feel for the unrest among the people. I also loved the introduction and development of each character, each with strengths and believable flaws. The story moved along, keeping the reader’s interest with action and mystery, as well as a budding romance that ignites a growing feud between brothers.

While there is some violence, the writing is not gory, and the romance and language is fairly clean, which I appreciate, as this adds more substance to the plot and characters.

With the cliffhanger ending on the final page, I am thrilled that I don’t have to wait to continue this truly captivating story! Eager to begin the sequel, Red, today!


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