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 Welcome to a Blog Tour where authors answer questions about their writing. I’ve been tagged by Lauren Nicolle Taylor ,  author of The Woodland Series, a YA dystopian romance. I’ve read the first two books in this series and loved them! I’m looking forward to her newest release, The Wounded.
What am I currently working on?
After my debut novel, Lingering Echoes (published by Clean Teen Publishing in the fall of 2013), I wrote a fast paced novella called Rumors. This prequel novella is free online and was intended to merely be a teaser to Lingering Echoes, while adding depth and insight to the main character, Allie Collins. Rumors has been available for three months now, yet I found myself suffering from immense writer’s block! I had zero inspiration come my way and it was stressful and causing me anxiety! Recently, my publisher suggested that I could develop Rumors into a novel. I jumped at the idea! My desire and excitement to write has returned  and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed developing character relationships and the storyline further. I am really happy to return to this novella and give this emotional storyline the attention it deserves!
How does my work differ from others in its genre?
Lingering Echoes is categorized as Contemporary New Adult Romance. The major difference between my book and others in this genre is that Lingering Echoes is a clean read in both romantic content and language. Being “clean” doesn’t mean “boring!” There are plenty of heart-throb moments and blush worthy scenes, and the two male characters will make female readers swoon for either of them. (Take your pick! “Blond, blue-eyed and charming”  Aaron Jackson? Or  the “dark haired and mysteriously alluring” Damien Michaels?) However, the content is YA appropriate so that I feel confident suggesting Lingering Echoes to teenagers, yet I feel there is depth to their relationship to satisfy adults. I am also proud of the clean language used throughout Lingering Echoes. (One of my most recent reviews by an avid blogger expresses this very same view: There are so many fantastic books in this category that are ruined for me with the use of F-bombs and overly-detailed sex scenes. What I love about Lingering Echoes is that the romance isn’t about falling hard and fast, but it’s a beautiful, emotional (if not heartbreaking!) process between two characters who are hurting and deserving of love.
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 Why do I write what I write?
While I love to read dystopian novels and paranormal romance, that genre has never felt natural for me to write. I write best what I know and what I have felt. I think I’m less creative in coming up with new worlds and unique scenarios, but I write emotion very well. I have been told that my writing allows readers to feel. When I was nine years-old, I started my first journal. I now have fourteen or fifteen hand-written journals documenting my childhood (and a lot of boy-crazy years!) As I’ve thumbed through my journals, I noticed that I wrote best when I was feeling emotional, whether about boys or family problems or big decisions I needed to make. . .  That’s why I write contemporary because I can relate to it, and I can help readers connect to it, too.
My most current release is Borrowed Angel, an inspirational nonfiction that comes from a vulnerable piece of my heart. My first child died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) when he was just under five months-old. Borrowed Angel is a reflection on my grieving and healing process, both from a spiritual and practical standpoint. Borrowed Angel started as therapy for my soul, originally written one blog entry at a time as I captured my pain and healing. I had too many powerful experiences to keep them to myself, and so I followed suggestions from friends and family to share my experiences with others. So another reason I write is to offer hope, and help people understand what loss and recovery feels like. Truly, I believe you will feel both as you read Borrowed Angel.
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How does my individual writing process work?
I am a slow writer! At times, I feel that is one of my faults and yet, I can also see strengths in this trait. In school when we were taught to do a first draft, and then a second draft, and perhaps even a third draft before moving onto the final draft… I often found myself skipping the multiple drafts stage! For instance, if I needed to write an essay for English, by the second round of drafts, whether critiqued by students or my teacher, there usually wasn’t too much to fix. Even now with my writing as an author, I spend a lot of time on each scene, trying to figure out the best wording or fixating on how to capture the emotion between characters just right. Don’t get me wrong–when it comes to a book or manuscript, I definitely had a lot more revisions than an English essay! However, the storyline of Lingering Echoes didn’t shift too much. Even with Borrowed Angel, my editor focused on sentence structure and wording but hardly touched the content itself. Slow and steady has worked for me as writer! Although sometimes I desperately wish I could spit out a storyline and keep up with authors who have trilogies planned out from the get-go! Speaking of trilogies, I don’t know that I will ever write one. I am one who struggles to outline because I can’t imagine that far into the future! — which is why I often write scene-by-scene, letting the characters and storyline develop as I’m feeling it. There are definitely pros and cons to my writing style! Either way, I hope experiences brings improvement.
Thanks for reading about my writing process. I now pass the baton to Lucinda Whitney ( who is currently working on her first novel. Visit her website to read about her work-in-progress!  Let the writing process chain continue!

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