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oct 15As October’s Infant Loss Awareness approaches, (see current GIVEAWAY) I wanted to extend the offer again to share your story through a series called Our Borrowed Angels. If you have experienced a loss, whether through miscarriage, infant loss or that of an older child, I want to be a safe place where you can share your experience and honor your loved one. For me, there was so much value and healing  as I wrote Borrowed Angel that I hope this opportunity provides something similar for you.

Write about your loss and/or loved one with any pictures you’d like to share, and I will put it on my website and new Facebook page, Borrowed Angel,  so you have a link to share with family and friends. I hope this is a helpful way for you and others to remember this piece of your heart.

As I am racing to meet the deadline for my YA sequel, space will be limited, but I will do my best to meet the needs of everyone interested in some way from now through the end of October. Thank you for trusting me with the story of your child. #OurBorrowedAngels



  1. I had my first baby girl in 1985 Ashley. Had a baby girl in April 1987, Lisa Nichole who died in May 1987, 1 day less of a month old. I accidentally fell asleep on her with my pillow. Had a baby boy in 1988, then had a miscarriage, which was rough but nothing compared to the loss of my daughter. Had met and married my husband in 1991( long story) ( my prince charming) had 2 more kids both boys. Then my oldest son with his girlfriend of 4/5 years told me they were going to have a baby in December. By May 2016 the family suffered a huge loss of what was a baby girl named Teagan. She was 15 days old. My pain which was controlled, came back. Knowing what they were going to go through was excruciating. All my thoughts and pain came back like a vengeance. I was a Mom of a loss, a Mom of my son’s first baby who passed and a grandma of which is now an angel. Still working on ourselves and our family.

    • Shirley,
      Your story is heartbreaking! You’ve been through so much. Thank you for sharing what you’ve been and are currently working through. Tragedy certainly does not play fairly and I’m so sorry to hear this. Did you want me to create a post for you with this story? Let me know. I’m happy to do so. You could also include pictures, if you like. Or if you just wanted to leave your comment, that is fine, too.

  2. Erica, I just got finished reading your book “Borrowed Angel” and it has literally been lifesaving for me so thank you for sharing your story and emotions, so many that mirror my own.
    My husband and I struggled for years with infertility and were married ten years when we welcomed our first child, our beautiful daughter, Isla.
    We again struggled for four more years and were blessed with another pregnancy. It felt too good to be true! If I only had two children in the life I was just so grateful. We would have them and they would have each other.
    At 21 weeks we were told that our sweet baby girl, Ophelia Winter, was gone.
    I am still grieving hard, as this loss was recent. I know she is ours but my heart still breaks that we will never know her in this life, and my heart breaks for her big sister who wanted so much to be one.
    I try and still have faith that we will receive a third miracle and your book has helped me hold onto hope.
    Again, thank you and hope to give you a big hug someday!

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